Tioute Argan Oil Field Rig & Refinery

Nobody entered yesterday’s Berber Quiz competition.  You are a lamentable bunch of feckless good-for-nothing blog-a-holics.  Nobody wins the goose prize which will now be rolled over to make swan terrine for the next competition.

The argan oil fields stretch from Agadir to the mountains.100 billion trees are serviced by 100 goats.  Nephertitty and Cleopatra had tea here,at Tioute at the foot of the high Atlas.

The goats eat the argans and, after chewing the juicy bits,they sick up the stones of husk and kernel.  This yukky bit is collected and taken to the refinery coop.

The ladies extract the nutty bit with oleic acid and free radicals, which are then roasted and crushed.  4000 tons of argan nuts makes half a pint of argan oil.


Nobody uses the argan oil for cooking because it is too expensive; but you can get excellent body creams and after-shaves if you mix in some Nivea.



He said he came from the desert with Aaargh Ghoooum rugs & carpets which are handmade with camel hair and chewing gum.  The blue bits are from natural indigo dyes and the red-brown is henna. He also had some trilobites and fossilised desert fish from the mountains.  You meet some every day.

What about the Grannies?  The denouement will be tomorrow, the investigation is going well, but I cannot divulge any more at this stage.

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