With Prize winning competition

There has been an ERROR, sorry.

In the ancient Berber-Azimir language, Mar oo Kooch really means “God’s own earth”; so all the stuff about brigands & rip-offs is a calumny against Marakshis, apologies are due and are offered without reservation.

Aourika is said to mean “come back” and the latest thinking is that Berbers are from the same ethnicity as Touaregs (the Blue folk) from Northern Mali.  I am still working out where they came from!  One ethnography professor at University of Thombouctou says they came with Club Med, but got diverted from Ibiza.

Taroudant, in old Berber means “there has been a terrible flood and our children are all carried away or drowned”.

Did you know that Moroccan grannies are so fond of those little dogs which you carry around in a handbag, cheewawas, that the government built a special town where they get shampooed and permed, pedicured and groomed.  It is kept secret and protected by the secret police.   See the signpost.


Now the Berber Quiz – Have you been paying attention?   The winner this week will get a free goose, as seen in the road near Taroudant.

  1. What is the top Berber TV show ?
  2. Who is the greatest Berber goalkeeper?
  3. If you have to entertain your Berber mother-in-law what dinner would you cook for her?
  4. Where are the biggest Argan oil fields & refinery plants?
  5. Which song got most hits on YouTube in the last Berber Pop Contest?

Please submit your entry as a “comment” via the web site.  GOOD LUCK to everyone.

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