Tracing the nanas

IMAG0532Condensed history
Originally, there was nobody in Morocco. But 9,000 years ago, 6000 years before God spoke to Moses and 7,000 years before Jesus was born, a small travel agency in Yemen, “Berber Lux Holidays Ltd”, sent a group of nomads this way. It is not clear whether they came in from a shipwrecked cruise boat, a caravan with a faulty satnav or with Ryanair, but they liked it very much and called their relatives to join them. They brought all the things they needed – language, agriculture, tools, music, design, painting, dance, everything except for the iphone 5 and Xbox.

Down the years, they had constant trouble with incursions of day-trippers and invasions from all directions– Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs etc.  Over time, different warlords gained control, but none of them completely killed off the Berber culture – El Mourabitoun led the Almoravids gang to conquer Spain, Mauritania & Mali, so for a few hundred years they ruled everywhere from Barcelona to Tombouktou.

Other gangs of self-styled “Cherriffs” took over at different times– the Almohads, then the Merenids, then the Vandals from Germany and from Chelsea F.C., then Saadians and most recently, the Alawites.  To terrorise the population into submission, some were extraordinary violent: Ismail claimed to have personally killed 30,000 people and to have spawned 888 children!
Anyway, they collected taxes from the people and robbed gold & salt from neighbouring lands and grew unbelievably rich.
So they built fabulous ramparts and palaces and mosques etc. Now we must return to the disappeared nanas.

Tracing the nanas clues

By hacking their mobile phones records by stalking the route of CCTV video data and by following the lost spectacles, I knew the nanas were in Maghreb. I tracked the forgotten words and the signs of fear in mens eyes.

alleyway in Marrakech

I caught a glimpse of a granny at the end of a narrow alleyway, but she vanished before I could blow my whistle. Was it Cici Lagazelle?

Casa 1

In Casablanca, I spotted one in Ricks American Bar, but she was standing by the piano with a private eye at her side. As time goes by. with tagine of lamb in prunes & almonds.
href=””>Casa 3

It looked hopeless – maybe better luck in Fes?

2 thoughts on “Tracing the nanas

  1. Casablanca, c’est le port de l’angoisse …
    Jade & Iris say : “Help, we want our grannies back”.
    To be continued …

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