Three grannies gone missing – feared jeeha trip

Three grannies gone missing on jeeha trip

Concern is mounting for the fate of three grannies who are feared to be on a reckless joyride looking for gratification in North Africa. The three were last seen at Gatwick airport on 25th Feb, possibly boarding a flight to Marrakech. Relatives are asking how they could have boarded without the authorities checking on their state of mind. The three women – Kiki Lagazelle (French 66yrs), Volvo Bloominpatch (Portuguese 63yrs and Nannie Brock (French 71yrs) are trans-national trouble makers. It is feared that they may already have crossed the line from mascara to henna, but it is not clear how they were radicalised. All three are addicted to instant messaging & email & internet surfing so they could have fallen under the influence of a glamour grooming site.

Scotland Yard has asked an eminent detective to lead a crack team which will fly out and search for them. Mark Neuman said “Maghreb is a glamorous place, it would not surprise me if they have been turned on a hairpin bend. On the other hand, it is thought likely that they may have forgotten what holy grail they are looking for. Neuman plans to find them by tracking the items which they have lost, misplaced or forgotten. Thus far, it is a tale of lost and found; one Kindle in a red pouch, found by Easyjet; five pairs of glasses – mostly on the person; several chargers and a brace of scarves – abandoned for the local gods, one iphone left in taxi. Neuman says “Unfortunately, extreme hedonism among the very elderly is increasingly common – especially with the baby boomers.¬

We went to the place at the end of the world and looked at Berber silk rugs and painted wooden doors, quite memorable.

Yves Saint Laurent woz ere. Berbers were ere 9000 years before. Majorelle gardens,Bahia palace, mint teas, marzipan biscuits with orange & lemon. Soup of carrot and orange, harira and tagine with lamb and seven vegetables. Hot bananas in honey & orange & lemon juice.

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