Snaps of no significance – other people’s holidays

The inquiry was practically over, but I had to go back to the scene of the crimes with my trusty trowel & pick-axe, and just as the sun was going down I found the evidence that these people have been warlords and warriors for thousands of years. I dug up these early Nuragic bronze age playdough images:
 photo 2013-08-30180338.jpg photo 2013-08-30181002.jpg
 photo 2013-08-30180932.jpg photo 2013-08-30180552.jpg

href=”; target=”_blank”> photo L1050899-Copy.jpg

 photo L1050901.jpg

 photo 2013-08-30105027.jpg

 photo L1050893-1.jpg

 photo L1050881.jpg photo L1050878-1.jpg

 photo L1050872-1.jpg
 photo L1050884-1.jpg
 photo L1050896-1.jpg
 photo L1050898-1.jpg

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=” photo 2013-08-31_1646101.jpg”/></a>
 photo L1050914.jpg

 photo 2013-08-30191235.jpg

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