The clouds get stuck on the mountains along the coast.
2013-05-10 11.43.27

2013-05-10 11.50.41
We can’t advise you to go to Amalfi because it is full up. There is no room for any more people.
2013-05-10 12.56.59

There are so many school pupil groups on day-trips that the teachers are having fits.

2013-05-10 12.51.29
We saw a cruise ship where the Russian orthodox priests come from.
2013-05-10 15.05.47
I had my first ever granite – delicious.
2013-05-10 15.12.17
Our return boat was late due to a breakdown, so they sent another boat, an hour later.

We met the only woman dock-mistress in the Medittaranean region.
She is knitting a pink jumper for her grand-daughter who was with her and she looks fitter than a sports mistress. And tough, chewing gum.
I asked her the secret of long life, and she told me. [Sorry, it is a secret.]
2013-05-10 15.11.55

2013-05-10 12.28.13

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