YES I’m not wrong, the Queen is abdicating and leaving the throne and the crown to her son, Prince William Alexander! Beatrix of The Netherlands is hanging up her sceptre and going into retirement. Now there’s a thought, and you heard it first from me.
art students 1 - Copy

Fruitarian hero
Janet is leaving clues in fountains. Silvia says that my lips are in a far far better place than my mouth. Sauro says to focus on the mosaics, and he thinks we got money from the CIA. Well the truth is WE DID NOT KEEP A DOLLAR; every last dime of that ransom went straight to the UKIP gang’s account, in Smirnovsk . Peter says it’s about an election scam, but he’s got it under control, with a beer truck. Some people think we are in Italy. It’s a mystery!
Drinking Fountain 1

Roofs 1
I went to Ospedale Maria Nueva for my second INR – altogether more cool and laid back than Sant Orsola Bologna. It’s like guys, chatting as they work – one sticks the needle in, the other applies the sticky tape, and they know some jokes, and they went for a few drinks the other day. In comparison, Bologna was all matrons, exclusively female staff – no joking, but lots of control.

The town is in every direction so overwhelmingly grandiose, so elegant, stylish and appealing. Poggi was an amazing designer contractor, credited with stunning houses, villas, palazzos, museums, public squares, roundabouts, roads, towers and parks all round Firenze. He designed Baroness Von Meck;s house where Tchaikovsky stayed, but we are assured that their relationship was purely epistolary.
2013-04-29 17.21.30
David’s statue was oriented to face in the direction of Rome when his statue was erected. As he scowled and had his sling ostentatiously on show, this was taken to mean that Firenze was warning Rome “leave us alone or you could get some too”.

Feelin groovy, we’re on our way to San Gimignano, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Well, actually a small place just 4kms outside San Gimignano. Like a bridge over troubled water, Ponte Vecchio lays down and we say bye bye love to Firenze. In the car it’s all the sound of silence, because it’s been raining and we’re scared of slip slidin away. The driver says don’t worry, I am a rock and you are homeward bound.


  1. How do you manage to get these amazing architectural shots sans aucune personne? Do you have greater powers than I thought? Do you simply politely request any given city council to clear the streets for your photo shoot? You’ve taken some wonderful pics thanks

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