An appeal: How many gentlemen of Verona?

An appeal: How many gentlemen of Verona?L1040780
Dear reader, once again we need your help urgently: how many gentlemen of Verona? I have stopped too many people in the street with this question, but no one is quite sure if it’s 2 or 3. Tomorrow we visit Shakespeare’s B&B in Verona and you can only kiss Juliet if you know the answer. So please email pronto. Thanks.L1040781

Today this beautiful red car was parked in front of the Town Hall and it was whispered that the Grand Duke of Tuscany and the cousin of the Arch-Duke Albert of the Hapsburgs were doing a documentary about Tuscan spaghetti, but we could not stop to meet them.

We did meet a very nice family from Bosch who tried to help with the broadband issues, but Jacob Lindale did not know that the SIM card has to go INSIDE the dongle. I had to figure it out all alone. Anyway we promised to buy more Bosch, so if you purchasing a dishwasher of a washing machine please consider the reliable brand.

The air is warm and there is wonderful strong sunlight with a cooling breeze.

We strolled around this little place and in an underwater meadow we stumbled upon these standing stones; one with hammer & sycle signs and another with sword and spear drawings.
This is some of the earliest evidence of the Arsenal challenging Millwall to a meeting after the match. Fortunately there was a DVD buried with the grave goods which helped a lot with the analysis. I guessed that they could be important and dated them to 2000BC, so they were quickly photographed and taken in to the museum. L1040778

As I had my trusty trowel with me, we took a look around the site and were pleased to happen upon some bronze figurines and drinking vessels and a few pottery dishes which we have given to the town.

The little place is now hosting some larger parties of people from Germany who come for the pizza. The piazzas are now busier, the pedestrian areas are more lively and the Largos are crowded with these folk living it large.L1040748

Both Christiane & Rosemary thought the lighting in the museum was its strongest point and they admired the presentation, particularly a rotating cake table which could be used to view the object from behind as well from the front. Most impressive items overall: there was a very stylish self-serve coffee machine and a sweets vending machine just outside the toilets which will also both be long remembered. L1040763

We have had a bit of a run-around trying to get an INR blood test because they only take blood from 7.30am to 9.30 and it’s quite a long way.

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